About Us

AnatoliaLit is an Istanbul-based literary agency representing some of Turkey's finest authors. Established by Amy Spangler and Dilek Akdemir in 2005, the agency aims to introduce works of its authors to international audiences and to foster relations between the authors and foreign publishers.

The authors represented by AnatoliaLit span a wide spectrum in terms of genre, style, and commercial appeal. We believe that these authors and their works deserve an international audience, and we are doing our utmost to see that they be accessible to as many people, in as many languages as possible.

AnatoliaLit also acts as sub-agent for publishers and agencies outside of Turkey. As sub-agents, we do our best to ensure that foreign titles are placed with the right Turkish publishers, in deals that are to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

We at AnatoliaLit welcome your inquiries and suggestions and thank you for visiting our site.

Our Crew

Amy Spangler, Turkish and foreign fiction
Spangler (b. 1978, Circleville, Ohio, USA) is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College, with B.A. degrees in Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology and German Language and Literature. After four years as rights and acquisitions manager and editor for the Istanbul-based publisher Çitlembik, Spangler left her position to found AnatoliaLit, together with Dilek Akdemir, in 2005. In addition to being an agent, Spangler is also a translator from Turkish into English. Her published book translations include The City in Crimson Cloak by Asli Erdogan (Soft Skull, 2007) and One Midday in Yenişehir by Sevgi Soysal (Milet, 2014). Co-editor and co-translator of Istanbul Noir (Akashic Books, 2008), Spangler’s English translations of Turkish short stories have been published in various books and magazines. amy@anatolialit.com

Dilek Akdemir, Children’s and young adult, accounting director
Akdemir (b. 1975, Duisburg, Germany) is a graduate of Marmara University's Preschool Education Teaching Department. She co-founded AnatoliaLit, together with Amy Spangler, in 2005. dilek@anatolialit.com

Eda Çaça, Turkish and foreign non-fiction
Çaça (b. 1985, Zonguldak) received her B.A. in Philosophy from the Middle East Technical University, where she also minored in Psychology. She received her M.A. in Philosophy and Social Thought from Bilgi University. She has served on the editorial boards of various journals and has published numerous articles, critiques, essays, and interviews. She continues to work as an editor and translator. Her most recently published Turkish translation is that of Ester Leslie’s Benjamin: Overpowering Conformism (Habitus, 2011). Previously an agent at Kalem Agency, she has been with AnatoliaLit since August, 2012. eda@anatolialit.com

Seçil Kıvrak, Foreign fiction
Kıvrak (1985, Izmir) has a degree in Comparative Literature from Istanbul Bilgi University. She completed her M.A. as part of the Erasmus Mundus Masters program in Crossways in European Humanities, studying at universities in Scotland, France, and Germany. In addition to being a translator from English and French into Turkish, Kıvrak also reads German, Swedish, and Spanish. secil@anatolialit.com

Ayten Kordu, Bookkeeping & Accounting
Currently enrolled in the Anadolu Open Education Department of Sociology, Kordu has over a decade of experience as an accountant. After several years working as assistant accountant at a certified public accountant’s firm, Kordu later made her entrance into the world of publishing, when she became the bookkeeper and accountant at Çitlembik Publications. Kordu has been working at AnatoliaLit since 2014. ayten@anatolialit.com

Özlem Uygun, Contracts manager
Uygun (1979, Germany), who worked as an administrative assistant at Bilgi University from 2002 until 2008, is on the verge of completing her studies at the Istanbul Bilgi University’s Department of Comparative Literature. Most recently she worked as an editor for a news website, before joining the AnatoliaLit Agency team in 2014. ozlem@anatolialit.com

News about us

Ted Project

The Turkish Ministry of Culture's TEDA Project is a subvention project that provides funding to foreign publishers of Turkish literature in translation. Applications for funding of either translation, printing, or promotion costs are accepted twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Click the link for more information in several languages. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Publishing Perspectives

Talking Turkey: Istanbul's Amy Spangler on Founding a Literary Agency Abroad